Kickstarter Launching SOON!!! - Crib Fall Protection Pads by L'Enfant

I am SOOOOOOO excited my Kickstarter for my crib fall protection pads is launching soon!! It should be launching within the next 2 weeks (beginning of July 2019). Please sign up for our email list to be the FIRST to be notified for when we launch! I am so excited to get this product to the market! This has been a total passion project for me and I know other mom's have the same fear of their baby climbing out of the crib and hurting themselves. So began my journey to create these crib fall protection pads that would lessen the impact on my baby if she fell from her crib. I wanted pads that would actually work to product babies from falls, so my pads are third party tested to product against critical head injuries from up to 8 feet high.
Please help support my Kickstarter and lets get my Crib Fall Protection pads on the market!!