How To Baby Proof

Hi All! 

Here are some things that you might find helpful to baby proof your house when you are expecting your little one ☺ 

The way that I think of it is that baby proofing your house 100% at once is too hard and unnecessary! 

Focus on baby-exposure areas one at a time. 

First, that would be the crib, second, other areas that your child can get to by crawling once he or she begins to crawl (around 6 – 10 months) and then other areas that your child can reach by pulling him or herself up ☺ 

1. Crib Canopy 

So, to baby proof the crib, I would recommend a crib canopy that wraps around the mattress of the crib to ensure that the child cannot climb out of the crib and it kind of feels like a see-through camping tent! ☺ 

2. L’Enfant BeBe Crib Fall Protection Mat

The other product I would recommend is the L’Enfant BeBe Crib Fall Protection Mat! I personally own this mat and not only is it a super durable high quality product but also can be used for other purposes! (like a place for your child to sit and play, and changing your baby – did I mention it is easy to clean also? ;)) 

When your crib area is prepared, I would begin working on any area a crawling child is able to reach although that is kind of everywhere!

Well, anyway, I’ve jotted down some areas that were essential to baby proofing along with some items that could make your life easier so I hope you find these helpful ☺  Check them out!

3. Gates for Stairs

Place baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs! This is probably one of the biggest dangers for babies and my ultimate nightmare. Be sure to have them secured at the top of the floor and the bottom also

4. Fireplace Door Lock 

For those of you with a beautiful fireplace at home, this is probably a must-have item to baby proof your house!  

5. Move all that could fall 

These include things like lamps, any stands, plants on top of a small table (especially wobbly ones) – and I suppose anything that a crawling baby can hit, touch, or move that could fall.

6. Remove ALL cords 

TV cable, Internet cable, lamp cords, blind cords, ALL cords and dangling line like things needs to go!

7. Safety Covers for electrical outlets! 

I spoke about this in one of the previous articles but out little ones like electrical outlets because they look like smiling faces (OMG my heart is melting). Be sure to have those places baby proofed also.