Crib Safety Essentials

Let’s make sure we get the basics right as this will be the nest that will foster our little ones through the nights ☺ 

1. Good Crib Mattress 

Invest in a good crib mattress! This is essential to your baby’s peaceful sleeps at night and I personally would recommend a soft to firm mattress.

2.L’Enfant BeBe Crib Fall Protection Mat 

An absolute essential product for your child’s nighttime safety! This one cost me a little more but you’d be amazed at the topnotch quality and the type of safety testing this product has passed (tested against harmful and toxic substances as well as any harmful metals and choking hazards). 

I got this product because I was anxious about my baby climbing out of the crib at night when I am asleep and can’t keep an eye on her and I must say this is one of my absolute favorites – thank you L’Enfant

When I am not using this product at night, I sometimes play on the mat with her or read her stories and I think she likes it too ☺ 

3. Crib Liners

Get breathable crib liners! These will protect children from potential risk of suffocation and entanglement. Also, it prevents those extra curious and active babies from climbing out of the crib!