Babies Tend to Fall Head First - How to Protect Them

Because babies are so head heavy they tend to fall head first when falling. As a mom this really worried me. Especially, when my little girl got older and attempting to climb out of the crib. I didn't know who to protect her from hurting herself. I placed pillows and comforters around the base of her crib to provide a bit of cushion if anything happened and she climbed out and hurt herself. I knew this wasn't that cushioning and looked EVERYWHERE to find something that was designed to protect against critical head injuries if she were to climb out of the crib and fall.
I knew there was a need for this product and wanted to help put other parents at ease and also protect babies from hurting themselves. I created L'Enfant Crib Fall protection pads. These pads are made in the same factory that mades climbing crash pads for rock climbers. The foam is SUPER dense. I had it third party tested to protect against critical head injuries from falls from up to 8 feet high.