A Mother's Story Of How I Dealt With My Anxiety Of Crib Fall Injuries

It all started when my husband was away on business. I started to have this great anxiety of my little girl climbing and falling out of her crib and hurting herself. I talked to other moms who had the same fear and heard horror stories about friend's of friend's babies ending up in the emergency room with broken bones. 

I stated by placing pillows and comforters around the base of my daughter's crib. I knew this wouldn't help much if she fell, but felt that this added layer of cushioning would help somewhat. I knew I needed something denser, that could absorb falls better. 

My husband asked me if there was anything on the market designed to protect babies from crib falls. I searched everywhere and couldn't find anything. I was ready and eager to purchase anything that would put my anxiety at ease and allow me to sleep knowing that my little girl wasn't going to try and escape from her crib.

I couldn't find anything, nothing at all to go at the base of the crib and help protect a baby from crib fall injuries. I then decided I needed to make this product. And so the journey began. I was able to find the same factory that makes rock climbing crash pads (these pads are super dense and made of high quality foam) they are designed to take some of the impact off climbers when falling from low heights. 

I contacted the factory and was able to create my first prototype. I wanted to make a product that actually had testing, so I would legitimately be able to put parents at ease. I named my crib fall protection pads L'Enfant and had them tested by a third party laboratory to protect against critical head injuries from up to 8 feet high. 

Now I am launching a Kickstarter to get these crib fall protection pads into the market. I need your help to do this! Please help support my Kickstarter and lets put an end to crib fall injuries and put parents at ease. 

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