5 Best Baby Proofing Products

Here are the top 5 best baby proofing products! 

1. L’Enfant Crib Fall Protection Mat

See the picture below! This is exactly what the mat would look like. High quality product made from Germany and has been tested against any harmful materials for our little ones but what I also really like about this product is that it is also ecologically safe!  

You can place the mat around the crib at night to baby proof the crib area for your baby’s safety but this neat mat can also be used for play area, story time area, diaper changing area, etc.!


2. Cabinet and Drawer Latches 

If you don't already have latches for your drawers and cabinets, grab one now! These latches are flexible, durable, multi-purpose, AND pocket friendly! ☺ 

3. Oven Locks 

This is also a must-have item! It is very durable, heat resistance and most definitely a handy material to make sure that out little stay far, far away from these baby-unfriendly products ☺

4. Inflatable Baby Tubs

I think this essential for the safety of your child during bath time but it will also make your life easier! He or she will have fun (it’s got a couple of pockets to carry some stuff) and won’t be falling/sliding in the large bathtub ☺ 

5. Baby Gates 

These super tall, durable gate will puts your mind at ease to know that your baby can't climb the gates and also is good for parents to reach to open the gate without having to bend over so much.