10 Baby Proofing Must Haves

You don't need to baby proof 100%! But as babies show signs of development (crawling, walking etc.), make sure you do your end of baby proofing!

Focus first on the areas that children can reach or areas that they will be exposed to!

So, first, the crib!

  1. L’Enfant BeBe Crib Fall Protection Mat

Have you heard of the L’enfant BeBe Fall Protection Mat??  

Super durable and high-quality material mat that you place around your baby’s crib! This will ensure that as your precious little ones want to crawl out of the crib, you always have the magic mat to fall back on so that your baby will be safe!! :D

Check out this product! www.lenfantbebe.com

  1. Electrical Outlet Covers

Also, do you know why babies reach for the electrical outlets as they begin to explore their surroundings?

Fun fact, apparently that is because the outlet looks like a smiling face (I guess that makes sense…) and hence reach for those plug areas!

And, since they will be crawling at this point, and they are so easily accessible to their reach. I am sure you supermoms already have these products but just in case you don't

  1. Corner Patches For Your Furniture 

The next step is when your babies start gaining stronger arm strength (yea, work those triceps! LOL) and begin to pull themselves up on drawers or tables. Get these little fancy and baby proofing corner patches to ensure your little ones don't get hurt on those sharp corners.

  1.  Gates For Stairs 

And of course, I cannot leave this item out. Babies are such curious little beings that once they begin to crawl or walk, they will go anywhere  - and you know, they don't quite yet understand what things are “dangerous” (*Laugh Out Loud*)

  1. Security Bars

Get security bars that not only keeps your home safe from intruders but also ensure that your little ones are kept safely inside your home

  1. Slip Prevention Bath Mats

I am sure you already know this but in case you don't already have this product, please be sure to get it! It will help your child not slip and fall in the bath and there are products with neat designs on them to keep your little one entertained.

  1. Inflatable Baby Tubs

This product may not be for everyone but I thought what a cute, fun and an easy way to give bath to our little ones! It can hold a small toy, soap, or other things you want to have in the bath with you. But most importantly, it provides just the right amount of space for your baby so that your baby isn’t moving or slipping everywhere during bath time 

  1. Locking Straps for Cabinets and Drawers

Use this product to lock drawers and/or cabinets from our curious ones to ensure that they aren’t opening places that may be dangerous for them especially in areas where you keep any cleaning products, heavy kitchenware, and especially for MEDICINE!)

  1.  Toilet Seat Locks 

Is it just mine or is yours also fascinated about the toilet bowl? (they just don't know why they wouldn't want to touch the inside yet.. :))

If you share the same concern like mine and want to ensure that your child doesn't accidentally fall in the toilet, drop toys or touch the water inside the bowl, this is a must-have!

  1.  Fireplace Door Lock  

Be sure to install a fireplace door lock if you have a fireplace at home and use it! This way, children can go close and enjoy the fireplace but also gives you a peace of mind that your child is safe